March 23—Seasoning: Salt & Spices


March 23—Seasoning: Salt & Spices


No one wants over-salted or over seasoned food, but knowing how much is the right amount, and knowing which spices and seasonings to add in which proportions make all the difference. Just as important is knowing when and why to add seasonings to food to increase their flavor, improve their texture and color. Come talk about flavor and learn more than you thought there was to know about salt, spices and other seasonings.

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  • Each class includes:

  • 90 minutes of cooking instruction

  • Family-style farmhouse lunch

  • 2 glasses of wine per person

  • Coffee or tea service


Classes begin when our doors open promptly at 10:30am. Lunch is around 12:30pm. All cooking and food supplies are provided for the class instruction.


Your purchase of a class is non-refundable. All payments are final. If you find yourself unable to attend after making your purchase, you may transfer the ticket to someone else.

Classes may be cancelled if we have fewer than 4 participants. If we must cancel, we will contact you on the Friday before the class. You will be offered the opportunity to apply your purchase to a different upcoming class.