November 2 - Foundational Techniques: Stocks


November 2 - Foundational Techniques: Stocks


Fundamental to all European cooking is learning how to make a good stock.  Flavorful stocks are the key to great rice dishes like risotto, braised preparations and stews; there are so many dishes just cannot achieve the level of deliciousness without a great stock.  In fact, the word for stock in French, “fond”, means bottom or base, the same root word we get “foundation” from. We will learn how to make a delicious vegetable stock, a chicken stock, and then how to take it to the next level to make a delicious puréed soup.  You will learn how to make it delicious even if you leave it completely vegan, or choose to finish it with butter for added lusciousness.

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  • Each class includes:

  • 90 minutes of cooking instruction

  • Family-style farmhouse lunch

  • 2 glasses of wine per person

  • Coffee or tea service


Classes begin when our doors open promptly at 10:30am. Lunch is around 12:30pm. All cooking and food supplies are provided for the class instruction.


Your purchase of a class is non-refundable. All payments are final. If you find yourself unable to attend after making your purchase, you may transfer the ticket to someone else.

Classes may be cancelled if we have fewer than 4 participants. If we must cancel, we will contact you on the Friday before the class. You will be offered the opportunity to apply your purchase to a different upcoming class.